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Axara Video Converter can help you convert, edit and download video files
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Axara Video Converter can help you convert, edit and download video files. Moreover, it can also burn data and DVD video discs. The application has an intuitive interface, in which multiple tabs will allow you to navigate through the different functions. Yet, you might feel overwhelmed at times by so much information crowded in a single screen.

The converter supports processing various files of a wide range of input formats in a single session. It also eases the process of configuring output parameters by letting you choose the intended device. Fortunately, you will find an extensive list of devices, such as computers, DVD players, smart phones and portable gadgets. However, you can also tweak the output profiles to meet your exact needs.

Luckily, the application allows you to perform very simple editing action on the source clips. Thus, you can export a sequence of images and extract audio from a clip. Likewise, you can take snapshots of your favorite scenes. However, there is only one main editing operation available: extracting segments from a video. Unfortunately, such other operations as cropping, subtitling, adjusting picture parameters or applying effects are not available.

Additionally, this program supports downloading video (even HD video) from multiple sites. It can automatically rip the actual video URL if you provide the location of the page. Opportunely, it lets you download multiple files at the same time. However, it cannot monitor browsers for downloadable contents.

Axara Video Converter can burn DVD video and data discs as well as create image files. Multiple video formats can be used as source for your video discs but the program cannot help you create menus for them.

In general, Axara Video Converter is a very complete solution for operations involving video. However, if you want more sophisticated results, you should look for more specialized software.

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  • It is very versatile
  • It supports multiple input and output formats
  • It supports downloading from multiple video sites
  • It allows batch processing


  • You may feel overwhelmed by so much information crowded in a single screen
  • It does not support many editing functions
  • It cannot monitor web browsers for downloadable contents
  • It cannot create DVD menus
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